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Pi-Hole (How to  set up on your network)

Pi-Hole (How to set up on your network) #PiHole #set #network

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In this video I’ll go over and demonstrate the effectiveness of a Pi Hole on a home network. A Pi-hole is a network machine that blocks adds at the network level.

I’ll go over step by step; setting up the static IP address you’ll need and set up the router to look for the Pi-hole for it’s DNS
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  1. Spaz Network - September 2, 2020

    Just installing pi hole now. When i get to that last step in using my pi holes ip address as the primary dns and hit apply my router seems to lock up and drop internet connection. I then have to restart it. I am also using a netgear router its the c6300. Any ideas whats causing this or how to fix it? Thanks.

  2. pimpleonureye - September 2, 2020

    Way too quiet, can't hear a thing.

  3. Minato - September 2, 2020

    your chrome ad block extension is still on. 0_0 great video btw!

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