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5 Back to School PRANKS GADGETS with Taras Kul - How to Prank

5 Back to School PRANKS GADGETS with Taras Kul – How to Prank #School #PRANKS #GADGETS #Taras #Kul #Prank

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Back to School PRANKS GADGETS with Taras Kul
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Don’t have any back to school prank ideas? Use my magic spring snake prank, spider scare box, broken neck bone popper, shocking pen or epic snake prank! I have back to school prank ideas for you! Comment your favorite!

Prank Gadgets in this video
• 0:12 Magic Spring Snake Prank
• 2:18 Spider Scare Box Gift Card Box
• 3:57 Broken Neck Prank Bone Popper
• 5:19 Shocking Pen Prank
• 6:40 Epic Snake Prank

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Back to School PRANK GADGETS with Taras Kul – How to Prank
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  1. Ocean Boi - September 5, 2020

    I’m only watching these because of crazy Russian hacker ((ricegum should BURN IN HELL))

  2. Becca Shindorf - September 5, 2020

    i love you pranks so much

  3. Shannon Evans-Gonzales - September 5, 2020


  4. EmIly Robuccio - September 5, 2020

    Is that crazy Russian hacker??

  5. Augusta Pinfen - September 5, 2020

    Then it is spider!love it

  6. Augusta Pinfen - September 5, 2020

    I like the shack pen

  7. Matthew White - September 5, 2020

    6:08 lance

  8. Eric Gonzalez - September 5, 2020

    Love PROANKS

  9. Dan Iel - September 5, 2020


  10. Laurel Cook - September 5, 2020

    Omg this one time I went camping with another family and their dad put a stuffed animal anaconda next to my mom’s bag and he yelled “OH MY GOD, NO ONE MOVE!” My mom saw it and it was like the realistic stuffed animal with the wire center and it was dark outside so all she could see were spots and coils and my mom started crying out of fear but when she noticed the tag on its tail, she called Tony (my sister’s friends’ Dad who did the prank) a dickwad and started hitting him with it. It was a 6 foot long toy 😂

  11. Dipinty - September 5, 2020

    I got suspended for the Snake in a can.

  12. Thedark Brightlight - September 5, 2020

    There was a garden snake at my school so that snake prank will be perfect

  13. BeamMeUpScottie - September 5, 2020

    Lol…You're going to get a kid suspended from school.

  14. DomUwU - September 5, 2020

    Not a fan of the gifs

  15. KingFire88 - September 5, 2020

    I love the spider box and bone popper and snake

  16. Orange Colin - September 5, 2020

    my fav one is the bone popper

  17. shoto todoroki - September 5, 2020

    My cousins have a snow cone shack, they had the spider box and taped business cards on an index card on the box and said i should take one. my other cousin was acting weird so i was skeptical but i opened it anyway, i actually jumped three feet back and yelped like a dog while my cousin was red faced laughing…interesting day…….

  18. Sammy Pratcher - September 5, 2020

    1k likes only lmaoo

  19. Jessica Tracy - September 5, 2020

    7:18 my school doesn't have light switches, instead, the school had buttons. Also, I should have done the shock pen prank on my teachers before I have them sign my year book, but I can't do school pranks anymore, I'm from a class of 2018, so I just graduated two months ago, but I have done your pranks before. I definitely had a great laugh

  20. nate games - September 5, 2020

    Pause your video and go to 4:11 and look at his face

  21. Zack Santos - September 5, 2020

    He sounds and looks like crazy Russian hacker

  22. Jomary Pacheco - September 5, 2020

    Lolll i love your pranks and ideas my family is a big fan of your even my girl she has shirts wall paper and posters of you love you

  23. Chloe D. - September 5, 2020

    Honestly love the spider box one, my cousins birthday is coming up soon and she’s deathly afraid of spiders, I might have to check out the box on the shop. My second favorite is the crackle neck popper thing, it’s just so simple but genius haha. Like you said, I used to do that with dry pasta with my nose all the time, it was great. Some ideas I think you should do is maybe like party pranks.

  24. King of things ! - September 5, 2020

    My favourite was the bone poper 😂😂😂

  25. Austin Standring - September 5, 2020

    I’d love one of the gadgets. I’d use the heck out of it

  26. DEXTER pro - September 5, 2020

    I love the spider box,i would prank my Romanian teacher.

  27. callboxib - September 5, 2020

    One time i used one of the bone poppers on all of my teachers and even my crush even the nurse. The reactions were great

  28. Aldrich Ibia - September 5, 2020

    I want the shock pen one😍
    10:10😂😂😂 so funny

  29. Elena 7 - September 5, 2020

    1:00 so that’s a can of springles 😂😂

  30. ShadowLight Gaming - September 5, 2020

    Youve always called him the craxy russian hacker in previous videos… Interesting hearing you call him Taras Kul😛

  31. Amir Dadabhoy - September 5, 2020

    Spider box was probably the best because most people I know have a deep fear of spiders so it would probably make them scream or something.

  32. Dubby DaPanda - September 5, 2020

    1. Snake chip can
    2. Shock pen
    3. Spider box
    Snake chip can is number one because Pringles are my favorite snack, and it would be funny to prank one of my family members because I offer some to them all the time. 😂

  33. Hugo Terry - September 5, 2020

    I think you mean gajiks

  34. Koala Kontrol Jr - September 5, 2020

    Fix your horribly cropped thumbnail

  35. C00LHUNT3R - September 5, 2020

    I liked the bone popper and I love your pranks

  36. Devin Norton - September 5, 2020

    The snake and pen would be great for my work. I do off-road desert tours and one of our warnings is to watch for snakes. The shock pen would be great for when they sign the liability waivers.

  37. Mr Rabbit - September 5, 2020

    been watching you since i was 7 yrs old now im 10 bone popper

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