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TiVo Stream 4K: A Great Device for Specific People

TiVo Stream 4K: A Great Device for Specific People #TiVo #Stream #Great #Device #Specific #People

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The TiVo Stream 4K is a great device overall, but it especially makes sense if you want to curate all the major streaming services into one, and if you are subscribed to Sling. If you don’t like using that app, or aren’t subscribed to Sling, it’s a great Android TV device with a remote that reminds you of features you won’t use.

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  1. James Webb - September 11, 2020

    Looking forward to the new Android TV powered Google Chromecast/Google Nest, whatever they're gonna call it. That device will have YTTV baked in & seems like it will surface content like the Tivo is doing.

  2. Urmas Sulg - September 11, 2020

    I agree, it's for Sling users, other than that it's crippled down Xiaomi Mi Box S. Worst Official Android TV device, 2/5, if software will get all fixed and TiVo app will do what they advertise it will do I will give 4/5. Remote; like you said many buttons are working only with TiVo stuff, also, 25+ buttons and no dedicated Play/Pause, RW and FF buttons?!

  3. Televisionarchives - September 11, 2020

    It's like a Nvidia shield mini for me I love it

  4. kwk1 - September 11, 2020

    Hey Anthony, it's your yearly video! Hope you are well. I actually just use the android tv built into my Sony tv. I use amazon, netflix, and the youtube apps.

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