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2022 Hyundai Tucson: New High-Tech Interior

2022 Hyundai Tucson: New High-Tech Interior #Hyundai #Tucson #HighTech #Interior

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The interior of the 2022 Tucson takes a slightly less aggressive tack, though it’s still clearly a modern Hyundai. The driver sits behind a tiller-shaped steering wheel, not unlike that of the Sonata, and two strips of silver trim surround both the driver and front passenger spaces, giving the cabin a twin-cockpit appearance. A flat dashboard sits atop a lower dash that curves down and away from the passengers, looking airy and open and likely alleviating claustrophobia; we’ll have to sit in it to verify that impression.

The Tucson also gets modernized significantly by way of a digital instrument cluster that sticks up from the dashboard rather than resting in a hooded binnacle. Another gee-whiz feature is an available dual-screen infotainment system that offers a 10.3-inch display stacked atop a climate control panel with absolutely no physical buttons. The standard infotainment system is an 8.0-inch screen that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration and two-device Bluetooth connectivity.

Other interior enhancements include car-to-home communication that can control smart appliances and lights while on the road, which would be useful when returning home on a dark night or a humid summer day, for example. Also new for 2022 is an available air quality monitoring system that keeps track of exterior pollution levels using a fine-dust sensor. It also tracks interior air quality and purifies the cabin as needed, while a lower-moisture evaporator helps keep the HVAC internals odor-free. Hyundai hasn’t specifically confirmed if the car-to-home and air purification features will come to the US, but we think they will.

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