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How To Pick Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping Product Validatio...

How To Pick Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping Product Validatio… #Pick #Winning #Products #Shopify #Dropshipping #Product #Validatio

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Picking a winning product is an important part of your business, it can make the difference between success and failure! In this video I’ll show you 3 different strategies for validating your product to ensure it turns into a winner and not a loser!

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About Jack Kitchener:

Jack Kitchener is a Shopify and Facebook Ad specialist with over 4 years experience, he is the founder of an ecommerce training program called Ecom Academy that teaches people how to create a successful ecommerce business on Shopify.

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  1. Nur Nazman - September 19, 2020

    thanks so much! amazing content!

  2. Jeff Wright - September 19, 2020

    Excellent, like always! Thanks for the energy and time you put into helping us. I always gain from watching.

  3. Hot products Ex - September 19, 2020

    Very nice bro

  4. Lukas Seidel - September 19, 2020

    Hey Jack. Good Video! I got one question: You said that you want the product to have more than 1% order volume. Let's say a product has 15,000 orders. Meaning more than 1% would be 150+ per day. However the graph shows sales volume it doesn't show how many units it sold. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  5. Nilay - September 19, 2020

    Hi Jack, Love the vids! Do you think customers will be deterred by the long shipping times coming up to Q4?

  6. babies hoop - September 19, 2020

    Brilliant, thank you so much, plz can you speak about product description and pictures

  7. Fadil Adjadi - September 19, 2020

    Perfect, learned something new

  8. Lee Currell - September 19, 2020

    Hi Jack, Any chance you’d do an up to date 2020 Facebook ads video on measuring metrics? I.e click through rate vs unique click through rate vs links click vs content views vs reach vs impressions etc. Basically Sir, when you’ve run an initial test on a product what metrics do you measure against! This would be vital for Q4. Thank you.

  9. Jovan Nikolic - September 19, 2020

    I really enjoy at your videos. I look forward your Q4 dropshipping course. I am 16 and I am desirous for knowledge about ecom, and I want to start as soon as possible cuz Q4 is near! 🔥

  10. Z H - September 19, 2020

    thank you

    Jack Kitchener, you are the best. can you please do a video about all tools and extension that can help us in dropshipping

  11. StealthyBear - September 19, 2020

    Great video once again Jack! Keep it up 💯

  12. Demi Walsh - September 19, 2020

    Big LIKE ♥♥♥)

  13. Aaron Farmier - September 19, 2020

    Thanks for the vids Jack. I'm finding them very inspiring to start a store.

  14. Michael Mason - September 19, 2020

    Hi Jack, I don't know if it's just me, but the audio on your last two videos seems slightly out of sync with the picture.

  15. Jack Kitchener - September 19, 2020

    Make sure you subscribe! Tomorrow's video is about picking niches 🚀

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