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Samsung Q950TS 8K 85-inch Gaming | PS5 & Xbox Series X

Samsung Q950TS 8K 85-inch Gaming | PS5 & Xbox Series X #Samsung #Q950TS #85inch #Gaming #PS5 #amp #Xbox #Series

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What is it like playing games like Cyberpunk 2077 & Spider-man Miles Morales in 8k on the Samsung Q950TS. Let take a look
Samsung Q950TS:
Xbox Series X:
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Nanlite Pavotube:
Sony A7III:
Tamron 28-75:

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  1. - December 20, 2020

    What TV are you currently gaming on?

  2. kmd76kmd76 - December 20, 2020

    Get the 85q90t it’s the same tv with no box. Much cheaper same picture quality

  3. DAVID TORRES - December 20, 2020

    Q900R or Q950T?
    Do they have a lot of difference?
    Is it worth the difference of what it costs?

    Tanks for the answers

  4. Mah Fah - December 20, 2020

    8k but no Dolby Vision. Also, Samsung is known for crushing shadow details to keep true black. Not for me. Sony for Life even with their little blooming while retaining shadow details and clarity

  5. Lord HS - December 20, 2020

    The problem with this TV is that it has a frame rate limitation e.g. 120fps is only enabled at 4k mode, so, therefore, in a way it defeats the point of purchasing an 8K TV. I think the 8K technology is still a little premature for the market and given the price tag it will only attract either technology addicts (that's regardless of their income) or wealthy people, who will purchase it just because they can 🙂

  6. Gaming Mike - December 20, 2020

    Is it possible to make videos or live stream with TVs like this? I'm new to streaming so I wanna find out

  7. Arturo Lewiz - December 20, 2020

    that tv brings nbc sports

  8. Txuck Norris23 - December 20, 2020

    Se ve en 720 p

  9. Edi - December 20, 2020

    Every thumbnail now is with a pic from cyberpunk 👌🏼😂

  10. Numbers&Letters - December 20, 2020

    Shout out to everyone still holding onto P.T ✌🏽

  11. Papinators - December 20, 2020

    😳$11000?…thats good for a TV of this quality but mehn…. For a broke guy that's ₦4.4million in my country

  12. Mr SupaKins - December 20, 2020

    DUDE! This TV is freaking HUGE!!! I can’t believe how amazing it looks 😱

  13. Danny Winget - December 20, 2020

    I might be a little jealous

  14. Pretty Boy Flizzy - December 20, 2020

    Awesome tv. This dwarfs a 65inch tv and that’s fairly big. Enjoy your tv

  15. locoism1025 - December 20, 2020

    Not very good value at all for 11 grand👀😒

    One HDMI 2.1 out of 4… plus, at least two should have eArc and of course, and it is not OLED or the upcoming microLED.

  16. The Tech Chap - December 20, 2020

    Awesome setup my man!

  17. TheBlazer 05 - December 20, 2020


  18. I'm glad your jumping on the TV'S bro . Keep evoking

  19. william Franceschini - December 20, 2020

    That's an awesome set but I can imagine the price. Is a beautiful set but the price is to rich for my blood. I wish Santa can get me one. Thanks for the video. Have a nice holiday. Be BLESS 🎄🎄🎄

  20. King Latrell - December 20, 2020

    Surprised you didn’t record this in 60fps

  21. sinαd bαbα - December 20, 2020

    4:19 looks like superman is alergic to batmans fart gas

  22. Will last name - December 20, 2020

    That’s nice and all but will it make my wallet happy?

  23. It's MuhaMMaD - December 20, 2020

    Did he say 11000$?
    I wish I heard that wrong.

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