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Does Your PC Even Need A Case?

Does Your PC Even Need A Case? #Case

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Does Your PC Even Need A Case?
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►PARTS – AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.6GHz 4-Core/8-thread Processor –
(yes, I downgraded the CPU since the original installation, needed the 1600X elsewhere)
NoFan CR-95C Fanless CPU Cooler –
Asus CROSSHAIR VI HERO ATX AM4 Motherboard –
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory –
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 iCX 8GB Video Card –
Enermax Digifanless 550W Fanless 80+ Platinum PSU –
HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System –
IOGEAR 2.4GHz Wireless Compact Keyboard with Optical Trackball –
Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Control – (link is for a refurbished version)
SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD Cable HDTV (3-Tuner) –
Xbox 360 Microsoft Wireless PC Gaming Receiver for Windows –
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Black –
Alternative – Microsoft Xbox One Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows –

Many thanks to Enermax, AMD, ASUS, EVGA, and Corsair for providing parts shown in this video.

Building The Ultimate HTPC (Original video, 7+ months ago) –
Can You PASSIVELY COOL a Ryzen 7 CPU? –

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  1. Ken Hou - January 2, 2021

    Paul: If you don't have make up brush I don't know what to tell you.
    Me: I am not gay like you.

  2. BrigzLobz - January 2, 2021

    I doubt this needs electric to work.

  3. Zinc - January 2, 2021

    The answer is yes

  4. Gref Steel - January 2, 2021

    10:18 this is where the hardware cleaning p0rn starts

  5. Gref Steel - January 2, 2021

    I literally have the keyboard at the beginning of this video. Interesting…….

  6. Staff sergeant Kevin - January 2, 2021

    I’m soo poor I live in 6 Fps

  7. Adam Podstavka - January 2, 2021

    I've see much dustier computer components within case (than you showed us in your nice video), whenever any of my friend opened one… I run my i5-6600K overclocked to 4.7GHz and not much OC GPU GTX 970 with G-SKILL 32GB of 2400MHz RAM without case for almost 5 years now without any issues, on heavy loads CPU rarely gets over 80C and even over 70C it's in miliseconds, GPU never gets over 72C. I clear dust with paintbrush everynow in a few months and looks still pretty and runs well.. Although I am planning to get bigger+heavier graphics card, so I'll possibly move it to case to help it sit well in the PCIe slot…

  8. GunClingingPalin - January 2, 2021

    I just take my pc outside and hit it with the compressed air from my compressor.. never had any static issues damaging anything over the past 5 years so for me it works great.. takes 30 secs max.. do it outside though or the dust will fly everywhere.. unless you have a swamp cooler on and your pc is right next to the door.. then open the door with the air full blast and blast the pc and the whole area while yer at it.. everything flies out the door.. including loose paperwork. 🙂 heh. & I love case-less PCs.. had one for years after cutting off this to get to that.. and so on and so on until I basically trimmed the whole case away… but I really like that fan-less cooler.. gonna get me one.

  9. Alvente - January 2, 2021

    hows your caseless pc build now 2020?

  10. Matthew Pirkle - January 2, 2021

    Pc hold the pc

  11. Vojtěch Houska - January 2, 2021

    Do not know if having t-shirt with Tesla and leaving open case computer on subwoofer has some hidden meaning.

  12. Sham Asaha - January 2, 2021

    😌 install dust filter in ac

  13. Ivtiaz Ahkam - January 2, 2021
  14. Darryl T - January 2, 2021

    uhhhhhhhhhhh, so this wasn't about removing a case – it was just a bunch of hot shots of paul cleaning dust from everything. I'll do one better

  15. Triskcyt - January 2, 2021

    Arent you the dude who stole the chipmunks?

  16. YourAverageFlightSimmer - January 2, 2021

    I mean who even need a monitor, USE UR IMAGINATION.

  17. ops Dragon - January 2, 2021

    How do you turn it on???

  18. Walking Brick - January 2, 2021

    have you ever heard of CleanX? Its basically something to help with your extreme dust problem that you are experiencing.

  19. I got better performance from moving to open air. Sure you need to clean it after a few weeks but for obvious physics reasons going open air works if you don't want to spend hundreds of more dollars on a snazzy case and extra fans.

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  21. Egelloc Daddario - January 2, 2021

    Dust cleaner,
    You need to stock up ass lot of dust cleaner

  22. Rafid Ishrak - January 2, 2021

    Yes you can build a pc without a case but you have to have a wife first.

  23. kenarbes - January 2, 2021

    Do you even need a motherboard??

  24. AnxietyMan - January 2, 2021

    “If you don’t have make up brushes then I don’t know what to tell you”

  25. Positive Vibrance - January 2, 2021

    there are people that found that, their CASE were causing sttutering, because of front panel usb 2.0/3.0
    others found that the LED-Lights from case were causing sttutering and so on (internal fans)

    so yup.

    Sometimes is better to built the pc from scratch 0 case involved, boot in Windows/Linux, do a benchmark test, check everything, play 1-2 hours games.

    Then built the pc into the CASE

    Play games

    See if everything performs the same ,if does, then you has no problems.

    Also make you sure to invest money in Power conditioner + ups double conversion that will keep your computer components clean from (dirty emi-rfi- stuff.

  26. Jakub Morawski - January 2, 2021

    This is disgusting

  27. Stag - January 2, 2021

    This is the video I was looking for. Did he leave the bottom of the motherboard just sitting on the table? See I was thinking about a thin cut piece of metal, like filing cabinet material, I guess 2 foot width and long enough for the motherboard to sit on, so you can screw it to the studs in the wall, right over a desk about a foot above the surface, connect the mother board to that piece of metal, drill holes where ever it needs screws and put the power supply and hard drives, right on the desk, any excess wiring can be stuffed between the desk and the wall

  28. memkip - January 2, 2021


  29. NotScummy - January 2, 2021


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