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How to program a Somfy RTS motor (setting limits - direction - link r...

How to program a Somfy RTS motor (setting limits – direction – link r… #program #Somfy #RTS #motor #setting #limits #direction #link

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When you have a new Somfy RTS motor, you need to set the upper and lower limit, check the direction in which it rolls and link a remote control.

In this video we show you all that:
– How to take control of the motor
– How to check and change the direction into which the motor turns
– How to set the lower limit
– How to set the upper limit
– How to memorise the settings

In this video, we use the Somfy Oximo RTS, but this procedure is identical for all RTS motors.

The Somfy Oximo RTS can be found here: (UK only).

If you are not in the UK, please go here:

The remote that’s used is the Telis 4 RTS silver, but any RTS remote can be used.

Please watch: “Make your own wireless electric roller blind: TS40RTS WF kit contents”


For more information, visit:

Or email:
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  1. TheEdmo1971 - January 14, 2021

    Thanks Otto. You are a star. Clear and simple instructions – appreciate it. John

  2. Shivam Parikh - January 14, 2021

    Have used and referenced this video many times and it has helped me every time! Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Taylor Lowery - January 14, 2021

    Doesn't show you how to link your remote to a motor

  4. Igor Vieira - January 14, 2021

    i'm having problem in this part 3:22… My motor didnt continue to roll when i did it

  5. Kevin Florio - January 14, 2021

    Hahahaha! It's working! 10Q. Yes … 10Q very much!

  6. Mohammad Alshamma - January 14, 2021

    I do have 2 units of CENTRALIS indoor RTS. i have done the installation and everything is fine. now i program channel 1 to the first and channel 2 to the second in my wireless remote control. my concern how to program both Centralis to work in single button in the remote control.

  7. Fedde Jorritsma - January 14, 2021

    hello sir, thanks a lot! the instructions were not so clear, but your guide has helped me a lot!

  8. Robin De Bondt - January 14, 2021

    Hi Otto, I have 2 somfy rts motors but the cables are sitting in the ceiling. So I cannot power off them 1 by 1. Can I reprogram them without powering off the one and the other?

  9. Tamara Arnold - January 14, 2021

    Thank u so much for that info

  10. David Myers - January 14, 2021

    Thanks Otto. My motor stopped responding all of a sudden. Up was down and down was up. Your video to show how to reset along with how to reprogram did the trick. Thank you very much.

  11. Tomas Eriksson - January 14, 2021

    Hi great instructions. My somfy stop at my limit when pressing the middle button but goes all the way out on auto. Any ideas? It's a large sunscreen outside a big window, 4m wide. Could do a reset but not change direction. Could be wrong direction so it thinks it rolls up but instead extend fully?

  12. Jacob Steiner - January 14, 2021

    I’ve gotten the upper and lower limits set, however I’m having trouble setting the middle limit (the limit that is obtained by pressing the my button). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Keith Macana - January 14, 2021

    Otto how do I get all 4 shades to work on my own controller by touching one button

  14. Valeriu Environment - January 14, 2021

    You are great! Keep doing what you are doing now.

  15. Muhammad Kashif - January 14, 2021

    Very helpful

  16. Kevin Lange - January 14, 2021

    I watched a few different instructional videos on this topic and this was the one that was easiest to follow and helped me get my awning squared away. Thanks!

  17. BongoJ89 - January 14, 2021

    Damn I gone crazy with this system!

  18. Justin Abbott - January 14, 2021

    These videos are great but this product is crap. In the video the remote responds every time. However my controller as well as the second one I have is never this responsive. And programming the thing is an absolute nightmare since it never responded to the remote. Absolute garbage. Don’t buy this product.

  19. Ivan Ostapovych - January 14, 2021

    Thanks ! Very helpful information!!!!

  20. jade ayoub - January 14, 2021

    very helpful mate!

  21. Nik Platinum - January 14, 2021

    I have four roller shades i replace the motor for shade 1 and the three shades work but the new motor does not would you know the reason why?

  22. Andrew Steven - January 14, 2021

    Thanks Otto! That really helped.

  23. Roshan Jameer - January 14, 2021

    I am using solaris sensor how to program with motor receiver coz ma somfy motor will not give feedback with remote if I press  it will not workingpl;ease give me your mail so that I can find the solution

  24. Neil Baker - January 14, 2021

    Hi Otto,
    I have an awning that has previously had a Soliris sensor attached to it . The sensor has been removed and the motor needs to be linked to the household ring main via a 3 pin plug. The motor has four cables coming from it and will be connected to a three core cable that plugs into a wall socket. How do I connect the wiring ?

  25. Jennifer Rutherford - January 14, 2021

    Hi, I have a somfy control. I'm trying to get my awning to stay at the most open position. When I press and hold The my button The motor jogs but it doesn't seem to remember the position.

  26. mhejles - January 14, 2021

    Hi there,
    I have a SMOOVE ORIGIN RTS and I am struggling to program both the motor and the remote.
    Any suggestions?

  27. Mark Fabrizio Sr. - January 14, 2021

    Ho Otto – Thanks for providing all this great information! a few weeks ago my 16' exterior garage RTS screen motor seemed struggle when rolling up. It goes down fine. Now if its down and I instruct it to go up I hear the motor click but it will not roll up unless I manually help by lifting the weighted bottom. I have done a complete reset a few times. Limits are fine, etc. Except the motor still doesn't want to roll up without my help and even then it sounds tired. I replaced the motor under warranty about 4 years ago. Any suggestions? It's wired directly to my circuit panel. Thanks in advance!

  28. Prashani Samudra - January 14, 2021

    hi sir
    how to program comfy helis 16 rts systems for 6 channels separately . And also i need to set the all channels in one time up and one time down.

  29. Marcus Yono - January 14, 2021

    Not getting any response at all after the reset procedure. Power source is fine as is the remote.

  30. Zups10 - January 14, 2021

    how to programm multishades from factury settings. i got only all four installed and moving but need to do also as individuals, but doesnt work.

  31. Michael Visacki - January 14, 2021

    hi how can i program a control if the original is lost and the motor is not comfy but is attached to a multilink

  32. MrSpankymandy - January 14, 2021

    My "my" button doesn't work, doesn't stop screen.

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