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Unboxing and Installing My New Toy "Kamado Ceramic Grill"

Unboxing and Installing My New Toy "Kamado Ceramic Grill" #Unboxing #Installing #Toy #quotKamado #Ceramic #Grillquot

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  1. ryguyiskindofaflyguy - January 14, 2021

    I'm really thinking about going to with vision. Kamado joe and green egg have the name and I guess they may be a little better but I'm goinf to guess it's so minute compared to other cermanics

  2. Teddy_P - January 14, 2021

    New Subscriber!

  3. Teddy_P - January 14, 2021

    Bruhh i just caught one of these today. Home Depot had a special sale. I caught a Lifesmart 22in value bundle with the cover and pizza stone included originally $949. Caught it for $599.

  4. lisa burton - January 14, 2021

    Love the video, Do you still like the this grill? Trying to decide if I should shell out the extra for a Kamado Joe… What do you think?

  5. Junior Jones - January 14, 2021

    You will enjoy cooking on your new grill.

  6. titans nation - January 14, 2021

    What do you think about the Kamado I’m looking into getting one

  7. Mike Terrell - January 14, 2021

    Is that for the Chiefs Mess Lol

  8. Island Vibez808 - January 14, 2021

    Fuck the Egg, this better

  9. Joe Minton - January 14, 2021

    Y'all gonna be having trouble with the ceramic cracking on those one piece ceramics. Just sayin

  10. Bryant Qiu - January 14, 2021

    Nice video

  11. Lucky Luke - January 14, 2021

    You look like Dave Chapelle 😆

  12. Eggggselent choice!

  13. Twisted One - January 14, 2021

    Great video man. In the UK and decided to go for a kamado. Question for you, do you know if this is the same as the Louisiana grills one from Costco? They look very similar. Harder to get some of the brands here as it's all green egg and joes and I'm not paying them prices 😂😂.

  14. Kirby Dinglebear - January 14, 2021

    you sound just like dave chappelle

  15. Brian D - January 14, 2021

    Just bought the Louisiana Kamado from Costco ($599) and yes it came with a ceramic heat deflector. However yours does look like a slightly nicer grill. I was surprised you two were able to lift it up onto the cart as easy as you did. I was not so lucky.

  16. Fernando Page - January 14, 2021

    Your wife's foot though. lmao She's waiting. lol

  17. Fernando Page - January 14, 2021

    Me cheap too. :,0

  18. huggy617 - January 14, 2021

    I’m 100% too cheap to buy a big green egg!! haha….funny. Fair play too.

  19. Craig Alessi - January 14, 2021

    It doesnt take two people for your big ass to pick it up

  20. Jamie - January 14, 2021

    Dude, thanks for the review. I am right on the edge of buying one

  21. Kevin Haugh - January 14, 2021

    Hey man, still liking your Vision? What do you think about the Kick Ash Basket? I have the same grill and debating to buy a basket, any advice? Thanks

  22. gnikmi - January 14, 2021

    lady lifted it from the hinge

  23. Drew Kriner - January 14, 2021

    Just watched your video. Sams club going out of business in the 907. 50% off everything. Got it for $298. Thanks for the vid. I’m not reading instructions. I’m about to watch more of your videos to see how to use this thing. Been Webber camping grill for 10 years.

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