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Advertising 101: What you need to know

Advertising 101: What you need to know #Advertising

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Advertising: What you need to know to grow your business or fill your open positions.

If you own a business, are new to marketing and advertising, or just looking for ways to increase business, this video will give you the psychology behind advertising and teach you WHY we buy things.

Learn about needs, wants and triggering events.
Learn the four keys to successful advertising. You need all 4 of these things for your advertisement to be successful.

Learn the eight characteristics that all of the best performing advertising shares. We take a look at a 6 year study of 3,200 ad campaigns.

Learn what return on investment (ROI) you can get for every local media option available, to include Broadcast or cable TV, Outdoor / Billboard, Radio, Digital, Direct Mail, Newspaper / Print
Learn the difference between your digital options. The term “Digital” means different things to different people! Some think digital is sponsoring Facebook posts. That’s just one small section and only affects people on that platform or Instagram. Digital also includes SEO, SEM, reputation management, standard banner display, responsive display, local video, Over the Top (OTT) devices and blended OTT. Email campaigns, website designs, mobile optimization and the way you look online are also digital marketing tools.
Learn how to build coordinated radio and digital marketing campaigns for use in a single market or multiple markets.
If you’re looking to place advertising in multiple markets, I can provide radio rates for any of the 423 Cumulus stations in 83 markets in the USA. I can coordinate recruitment campaigns as well using radio and digital.
Schedule a 20 minute zoom call with me and we’ll discuss your specific marketing needs and come up with a plan for your brand based on your monthly marketing budget. No agency commissions. Just direct pricing for any radio or digital needs you have. Happy to help if you ask.
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