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Control Your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa

Control Your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa #Control #Samsung #Smart #Amazon #Alexa

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Smart TVs can be connected and controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Smart home assistants. No need for a remote anymore! In this video we go through the process of connecting and controlling a Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa. In order to connect your Samsung Smart TV to Alexa, you will need to download the Amazon Alexa app and also need to setup an account with the SmartThings app (all this is shown in the video).
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► Samsung Smart TV (2019 model) on Amazon:
► Echo Dot (smart speaker) with Alexa on Amazon:
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  1. Cacti Plays - July 27, 2020


  2. chris davies - July 27, 2020

    Dont come back on when you ask her??

  3. Liz Scherzinger - July 27, 2020

    Do you need a smart plug for it?!? It won’t let me turn on the TV. I have to manually turn on the TV and then I can use amazon to turn the volume up and then turn it off? Help!

  4. xEwokk - July 27, 2020

    I know I’m 11 months late but can you open apps like Alexa open Netflix or Disney ?

  5. Mustang818 - July 27, 2020

    I can turn off the tv but can’t turn it on with Alexa 😔😣 help!

  6. bart polin - July 27, 2020

    Thank you. This 71 y.o. geezer had to re-do it a few times, because of fast (but correct) instructions. Got it right though, and everything works. Just one thing I noticed. I'm hooked up to DISH, via their Joey (for this secondary TV). It turns the TV on perfectly, but when turning it off, it turns it off as directed, but doesn't turn off the bouncing DISH screensaver. Hmmm! So I just push the bottom little red "TV" button directly under the somewhat larger "power" red button (on DISH remote). Wallah! Mine is a 3 y.o. 65" Samsung Smart TV. This is great. Now, can you do a video on getting Alexa to control your security system? Mine is a cheapo Kangaroo w/its own app. You just got a new subscriber who even clicked your links above, since my primary TV is a 2020 QLED 55" Samsung Smart TV 4K w/a bluetooth button.

  7. Easy Steps - July 27, 2020

    Works fine but when I want to open the TV, sais isn't responding. Why?

  8. Jay George - July 27, 2020

    It’ll turn off my tv, but says it can’t turn it on

  9. Daniel Q - July 27, 2020

    Have a 58 inch 4k samsung 7100 cant turn tv on with Alexa. I can turn off and do other stuff . Any suggestions

  10. Hubert -Williams - July 27, 2020

    Yes sir, need to set Vizio M series tv to Alexa.. can I do this on my PC .. my phone is a dum phone .. can't download apps.. Haha.. No, Dum Ass Phone! let me know

  11. Alan Rojas - July 27, 2020

    When the tv is off alexa will not turn the tv on.

  12. Darab Badiee - July 27, 2020

    Great instructions – a bit fast and rapid speaking – but all steps were follow able. I appreciate your sharing but respectfully recommend that you slow down a little in future videos …

  13. Jakob Parzer - July 27, 2020

    It works i can the tv turn off but i can't turn it on what can i do?

  14. annemarier27 - July 27, 2020

    Thank you, this was very helpful

  15. Kosish Shrestha - July 27, 2020

    For samsung tv un48ju6700????

  16. Just My Two Cents - July 27, 2020

    I can only turn on my TV I can’t open apps like Netflix or HBO

  17. loriann - July 27, 2020

    Can this also work on other tvs ? except for samsung?

  18. Der Gerät - July 27, 2020

    Nice video, thanks!
    If your TV turns off but not on follow these steps:
    First go to your SmartTV advanced network settings and enable remote control via mobile devices and IP remote control. Connect your TV with Samsung Smartthings. Then connect Smartthings with IFTTT and create an trigger which turns on TV. If you now say "alexa trigger TV" alexa will switch on TV.

  19. Maria Sanchez - July 27, 2020

    You go to fast slow down plz

  20. El Mata - July 27, 2020

    Thanks, man! it does work.

  21. Heath Barker - July 27, 2020

    I control my neighbor's TV, lots of fun.

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