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Sonoff Touch EU Smart Home Wall Switch Unboxing & Installation

Sonoff Touch EU Smart Home Wall Switch Unboxing & Installation #Sonoff #Touch #Smart #Home #Wall #Switch #Unboxing #amp #Installation

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The Sonoff Touch is a One Way (1-speed) WiFi Wall Touch Switch. It can be paired with iOS / Android APP eWeLink via WiFi, you can turn off the LED and light from any point in time. eWeLink works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap now! You can use Alexa to control your home devices with simple commands.

To use this feature, simply link your eWeLink application to Amazon Alexa. With a few steps you can tell Alexa or turn off lights and turn on all devices.

eWeLink can work with Nest! EWeLink Android Ver2.3.0 starts to support Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest owners can share the device with other users on eWeLink. eWeLink does not support nest on or off. However, you can use Nest’s environmental data to create smart scenes after triggering / from other eWeLink devices.

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  1. Snake Sanders - July 27, 2020

    2:13 Kids don't do this at home

  2. kami - July 27, 2020

    is it work with xiaomi home?

  3. goran popovic - July 27, 2020

    I have only 2 wires 🤨

  4. chris petrache - July 27, 2020

    IT HELPED A LOT; THANK YOU. i did not know how to put it in pairing mode…. i struggled for hours… till this video. 🙂 yes the electrical works you did were kinda messy but i do not see it as ''disaster'. However, for a video, you should prepare with some professional connectors, even the one with screws would do… Godd video though ! well done.'

  5. Think Alienly - July 27, 2020

    what is the black wire and why did it gave out voltage?

  6. Thiago Fujimaki - July 27, 2020

    Do I have to install the N, even if I dont want to use the wifi stuff?

  7. Tom F - July 27, 2020

    Is there a way to keep the led off ?

  8. Saif Adel - July 27, 2020

    Viavia is possible ?

  9. Matthias Grüning - July 27, 2020

    Hallo ich habe mir auch diese lichtschalter geholt aber ich weiß nicht wie man die anschließt war das gelbe karble die Erde??? Bitte um Rückmeldung..

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  10. John Gonzales - July 27, 2020

    Where did you connect the anew yellow wire

  11. buzifalus - July 27, 2020

    What is that pry tool you used to open the switch ?

  12. buzifalus - July 27, 2020

    How did the line measure current WHILE the electricity mains was put off ?

  13. Thanasis Ioannidis - July 27, 2020

    So how do I plug it in the wall socket if it is not socket with screws? It is socket with grip hooks.

  14. tabaghdissar - July 27, 2020

    The information was good, but the electrical installation procedure was terrible, you could get someone killed if he doesn't know what he's doing

  15. R dG - July 27, 2020

    Mine only has 2 wires. They’re colors are black and white

  16. TheMalteser76 - July 27, 2020

    I understand the app works with the wifi after entering your ssid and password but how do you connect the actual switch to your wifi ? I mean if your not home or on another wifi/3g network the app will work but how will the switch connect to your wifi ?

  17. 0plp0 - July 27, 2020

    1:20 OMG they exist that we call WAGO connectors.

  18. JAAFAR ARTS - July 27, 2020

    does this mean that the blue and yellow cable are basically from the same source ? meaning that its the same cable that its plugged in twice into sonoff ?

  19. TeSavage - July 27, 2020

    Any one know if any of these sonoff switches are dimmable ??

  20. Oren Broshi - July 27, 2020

    Works with google home?

  21. Nikos Gar. - July 27, 2020

    can i turn on/off lights from far away (with mobile data) or it only works with wifi?

  22. John C - July 27, 2020

    A professional Electrician is not your cup of tea…… 😖

  23. HGST - July 27, 2020

    i like the way you use the cable sleeve 😆
    Anyway the way you did it is dangerous…..when your electricity is still on and you are screwing in the wires

  24. Raccoon0710 - July 27, 2020

    @Asia Booth, сижу битый час ломаю голову как сделать sonoff чтобы работал с проходным выключателем.. Есть идеи?

  25. После праздников трудно будет попадать пальцем в кружочек.))

  26. Hayyi Ilyas - July 27, 2020

    Sonoff switch is hard to install, i needed to call pro electrical guy to help me

  27. Acrimonious Mirth - July 27, 2020

    The sonoff I saw works with 2 wire only (no ground), as an option.

  28. dxRAMPAGE Xb - July 27, 2020

    did you use ground wire as live for the switch?

  29. Jean Edward Calvino - July 27, 2020

    thanks for this video, is it possible to draw the yellow wire from a wall outlet that is close by ?

  30. Mr C - July 27, 2020

    Where you have Nin yellow wire, is this the constant live?

  31. Ed19601 - July 27, 2020

    It's truly an amazing product and can also be reflashed with custom software. O e drawback it will only fit solitary junction boxes while I. Europe there are often combined junction bixes. The faceplate sadly is a little bit too big for that

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