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levitating camera - that charges in air| worlds first levitating came...

levitating camera – that charges in air| worlds first levitating came… #levitating #camera #charges #air #worlds #levitating

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Top 2 Gadgets – Moon and Capsule | Floating Camera | Pocket Cinema

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introducing the moon by one ring the world’s first smart camera to defy gravity the unique stabilized levitation technology coupled with advanced wireless resonant charging capability allows the moon by one ring to not only endlessly levitate above its stand but noisily rotate in any direction with a simple swipe of your finger leaving no spot unnoticed we have equipped the camera with the latest generation Full HD c mo sensor with a pixel area much larger than that of any ordinary home security solutions combined with a bright white angle lens the moon by one ring captures considerably more light than an average home monitor camera resulting in incredibly crisp and clear images even in dimly lit conditions – built in precision microphones on each side of the lens automatically detect the direction of incoming sound and adjust the cameras field of view accordingly making sure it captures every moment we have also integrated a high quality loudspeaker and an additional third microphone for HD noise cancellation so you will not only see and hear what happens around the camera but can also communicate making the moon by one ring a natural choice for video calls both at your home and in your office for over two years our team has been dedicated to designing the moon with a single goal in mind to create the most advanced and versatile smart home solution in the world to achieve this we have opted to combine the major home automation standards of z-wave zigbee and Bluetooth smart with a beautiful easy to use and feature-rich camera giving you an unparalleled flexibility in building or expanding your very own smart home or office the moon by one ring has temperature humidity co2 and light sensor integrations so it will not only notify you whenever it’s a good time to let in some fresh air or turn on the air-conditioner but it can share this information with other smart home devices additionally thanks to its integrated IR blaster the by one ring can also control your legacy appliances like the air conditioner stereo system or television integrating them into your personal internet of things all of the crucial electronic components are integrated directly into the camera so you can also use it independently from the base unit the built-in battery enables up to five hours of autonomous operation while the USB type-c port makes charging on-the-go fast and convenient we’ve engineered the moon by one ring as the most sophisticated smart camera for your home and office support our project and make…
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