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Axis Gear Setup & Review - APARTMENT DESTROYED

Axis Gear Setup & Review – APARTMENT DESTROYED #Axis #Gear #Setup #amp #Review #APARTMENT #DESTROYED

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Zemismart Smart Blind alternative:

I love AXIS! With AXIS, you can control your shades right from your phone. Lower your shades to shut out the glare, or open them up to enjoy the view – your shade control is just a tap away. Here’s $30 off your first order. You can thank me later 🙂

Axis vs Zemismart to save $200 money:

– Set schedule to open/close blind
– Tap to open close
– Very powerful motor – my blinds were heavy
– Tech support was all-time best I’ve ever experienced, FaceTime in & helped me!

– Tore down my blinds!
– Overtime became offset and then one day calibration was off & ripped it off
– Homekit, Alexa, google home integration
– Bluetooth only unless you have smart home hub with Zigbee
– Schedule to sunrise & sunset
– Requires bluetooth to connect via app before you can open/close – takes a few milliseconds, doesn’t feel instant, faster to walk over & tap

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  1. Elizabeth Brown - July 29, 2020

    I think it became "crooked" because the wheel is… like perpendicular to the original position of the chain. So it's sort of twisted. Hard to explain… because you have the unit on the wall next to the window, facing you straight on, instead of sideways inside the window frame, the chain has to make a quarter turn to go into the wheel. I'm right in the middle of installing (soma) smart blinds. The first window I put the unit inside the window frame so the chain came straight/flat down, worked great. The second window, if I put the unit in the same position I wouldn't have been able to open the window. So I put it outside the frame, like how yours is. I was still doing calibration, sending the shade to its highest position. As it got to the top I realized the shade wasn't going up evenly, it was getting wonky on one side. My shades are very tall, 11ft, so maybe that's why I saw the effect sooner than you did. But I'm so glad I found your video and I will definitely look out for the need to recalibrate!

  2. aayotechnology - July 29, 2020

    Neat product. Have you found a better unit out there?

  3. A. Goldsby - July 29, 2020

    Received 2 replacements. The third replacement just failed to operate properly on my standard blind.

  4. Rakesh Patel - July 29, 2020

    Do not buy Axis Product. There Products don’t work right, Gear stop working after few months. Also support team will not call you and cancel your support calls. Please read amazon review before buying.

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