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Paint edger 10 times Faster Than a Brush - You decide..

Paint edger 10 times Faster Than a Brush – You decide.. #Paint #edger #times #Faster #Brush #decide

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Available at retail in Canada at Cloverdale Paint
the professionals choice.
The most advanced paint edging system in the world today. A roller that edges like a brush, helps to reduces labor by up to 60% on both coats of paint. You can, improve quality, safety and speed. Our Painting “Edger” Tool was featured at Las Vegas Paint and Hardware Show; it was also shown on DIY TV “I Want That” painting tool.
We have two models of our 11 position adjustable handle that works with all the mini and jumbo mini rollers on the market today. The Edging or Cutting in process of painting has now been simplified. Watch the videos which show the loading and unloading of the rollers. With the amazing 11 position adjustable handle it can help eliminate ladder work. The patented paint shield components come in two thicknesses, 2mm and 4mm. They help eliminate taping and brush work. The red paint shield gets paint to within a fraction of an inch (2 mm). No taping required. You are guaranteed to eliminate brushwork on same color paint jobs, and maintenance paint projects. Apartment repaints done is less than one half the time of traditional painting techniques. This tool can be learned in minutes by the average DIY and or professional painter. For DIY painters, it can make painting fun again. For the professional it could double your income on final coat applications, and or on maintenance repaints. There are great testimonials from both DIY and Professional painters, explaining how they reduced their painting times by up to 60%. Painting a typical 12’x12’ bedroom in as little as twenty minutes to a coat is a reality with the FasTrim Roller.
My area of expertise is interior residential and commercial painting. There are three basic types of paint jobs that will be addressed. New construction painting, Color change repaints, Maintenance repaints as well as some exterior trim work. Check out our youtube channel
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  1. millybops - July 29, 2020

    This is AMAZING!! I want to purchase but on your link it says only available in the US!! I’m in the U.K. so could I buy via your link please? Thank you😊

  2. Starpartyguy - July 29, 2020

    I’ve seen 3 independent reviews of this product. Every one couldn’t keep paint off trim or ceiling.biggest problem is that it’s 2 long. Not one scene in this video shows the up close results.

  3. Tim C. - July 29, 2020

    Heh,, your math is a little interesting: " ten times faster than a brush"

    I know.. it sounds nice… but so does 4x faster, no?

  4. Elise in the Attic - July 29, 2020

    The bendy thing is cool but I doubt the roller would work like shown. Reminds me of those amazing demonstrations at the fair. Edging with a sash brush doesn't take much longer and I think I have more control with it.

  5. Head Coach - July 29, 2020

    Sorry folks but NOTHING works like plain old patience and cutting in with a brush. Everyone wants to come up with a miracle solution but it's not there. Cut in….and be proud of your work.

  6. Q Love - July 29, 2020

    Very nice

  7. Kaikoura72 - July 29, 2020

    Can't be that good because at no time do you show a close up of the cut in edge.

  8. vijay lahane - July 29, 2020

    very naise sir

  9. ehshepville - July 29, 2020

    Awesome going to buy one soon!!!

  10. Thaylor Harmor - July 29, 2020

    Can I use my existing rollers with this?

  11. CMichaelLyle - July 29, 2020

    Now show us one that has been chalked

  12. BlueCat Blu - July 29, 2020

    This is brilliant! I’m just about to start renovating. Need to purchase this product. 🌺🌸❤️

  13. Michael Harris - July 29, 2020

    NOW that will work for me THANK YOU

  14. Keith Newberry - July 29, 2020

    OMG this is awesome.

    I bought some trim gadgets from Home Depot but ended up taping the entire house because of the bad trim line quality .

  15. bashir Hussain - July 29, 2020

    Wonderful work

  16. Keno Stubbs - July 29, 2020

    I like these a lot, and I want one

  17. maz man - July 29, 2020

    Where do I get one

  18. Joseph Kampsnider - July 29, 2020

    There would be sprinkles on the new finished trim, try rolling a wall and leave 4 inches from the trim and go back and look there will be sprinkles

  19. Sam Newman - July 29, 2020

    Does this sell here in the UK?

  20. P5ykoOHD - July 29, 2020

    Yeah … "pro painter" … "apply pressure" …
    You're never supposed to apply pressure with any roller … other then that, seems cool and would love to test one.

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