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CES 2020: Sense Electricity Usage Monitor

CES 2020: Sense Electricity Usage Monitor #CES #Sense #Electricity #Usage #Monitor

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Allison Sheridan interviews Scott Taylor, VP of Business Development, about their Sense electricity monitor for home use. Sense tracks your energy consumed by all devices in your home by detecting the unique electronic signature of each device as it is used. Using the Sense mobile app, you can set goals and monitor your progress through the month to ensure you stay on track. You can also set alerts for when the garage door opens or when the dryer’s done, for example. Using Sense, you can find energy hogs, identify vampire loads and see how much they’re costing you. Installing the Sense monitor doesn’t require any rewiring, but should be done by a licensed electrician. Just two clamp-on sensors around your main and a 240V breaker. The setting is Pepcom’s Digital Experience at CES at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.
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  1. Nathan Hawk - July 30, 2020

    This is cool, but it looks like Sense still hasn't figured out how to support multiple panels in a user friendly manor. I purchased one, but I'm returning mine today to Amazon. I want something useful, not a $300 toy. Maybe next year.

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