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Philips Smart Mirror with Smart Toothbrush, Smart Shaver, Skincare

Philips Smart Mirror with Smart Toothbrush, Smart Shaver, Skincare #Philips #Smart #Mirror #Smart #Toothbrush #Smart #Shaver #Skincare

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Philips shows their newest range of Bluetooth smart connected devices (Philips Smart Toothbrush $279 at that are on the market connecting to their prototype Smart Mirror that helps guide the toothbrushing, shaving and skin care hydration level sensor, as well as a balance weight and blood pressure monitor.

Filmed in 4K60 at CES 2018 using Canon GX10 ($2499 at same as Canon XF400 (+ dual XLR) and Canon XF405 (+ SDI/Ethernet). Get $25 off camera rental with this link
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  1. Tennis Clash Warrior - July 30, 2020

    Yes because you really need your toothbrush to be connected to your PHONE! Jus coz u can connect two things together dont make it SMART – Makes you cheezy and pretentious to seem progressive.

  2. Headcartoon - July 30, 2020

    The guy holding the camera is a fucking moron.

  3. Dental Man 24 - July 30, 2020

    Complete waste of money. Sounds cool at first but I doubt after a week or two you won’t be using any of that stuff in the mirror. Guarantee it’s cost thousands of dollars

  4. Mindy Schaper - July 30, 2020

    Such niche and absurdly frivolous products.

  5. Adam Baits - July 30, 2020

    This is all bullshit,when I get ready in the morning I plan in and out quickly,that's funny checking your messages and emails standing in front of mirror naked .is anyone hacked into it to spy???whatever the case you'll be in bathroom alot longer….think about it

  6. Johan Romero - July 30, 2020

    what's this type of mirror, two-way mirror or acrylic with see-thru film?

  7. nail salon Ani - July 30, 2020

    That's so cool.But isn't it little bit complicated to use? Actually I've seen a pic of a smart mirror by chance, it doesn't provide so much functions as the Philips one,but it connects the weight scale, tells how long and how you slept last night,also the weather,etc. I think these functions should be enough for a smart mirror. Because I don't need a mirror to do everything for me in a toilet..

  8. Nova Verse - July 30, 2020

    Smart this smart that, its all bullshit..

    What's the point of these smart devices if these devices are controlled with a 3rd party app instead of 1 hub where these devices can be managed..

  9. ad notam AG - July 30, 2020

    Not Philips, but already existing:

  10. Kim - July 30, 2020

    Nicholas, how long have you had that portable light hat?

  11. Dushyanth Kandiah - July 30, 2020

    where is the camera in the mirror?

  12. Always VIRAL - July 30, 2020

    This is what the future looks like

  13. ابراهيم عمر - July 30, 2020


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