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What is the best outdoor home security camera |Smart security systems

What is the best outdoor home security camera |Smart security systems #outdoor #home #security #camera #Smart #security #systems

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In this video, we’ll share some of concerns with you the best outdoor home security camera – smart security systems for your smart home in this year.
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What to consider when buying the best outdoor security camera?

Weather Conditions
Outdoor cameras must be able to withstand exposure to the various environmental conditions and should hold an IP (Ingress Protection) rating.
Top-quality outdoor security cameras have a rating of IP66. Hence, they offer complete protection from dust and can work well underwater jets but should not be immersed in water. This implies that they are safe from cold, snow, rain and heat.

Cameras that capture video at 720p offer a sharp picture, but 1080p video provides a much more detailed view and is the most popular and preferred resolution. Moreover, it does not require a lot of storage capacity and can be easily viewed on almost all devices.
4K (Ultra HD) video capturing cameras are also available, but they require a robust network connection to stream it without experiencing any glitch or lag. They also need a lot of storing space, which may prove to be expensive

Field of View
No matter the resolution, a camera with a wide field of view or viewing angle is the right choice.

Night Vision
Make sure that it can capture clear night vision video. Most cameras use IR LEDs to record black-and-white night video. Some expensive options use white light to deliver a full-colour night video. Any camera should have a night vision range of a minimum of 30 feet.

Motion and Sound Detection
Most outdoor security cameras are equipped with a motion sensor. This function triggers the camera to record video when any form of movement is detected. It can also initiate an alert to your paired device when some activity is taking place.
Look for a camera with sound detection as well. It will let you know if somebody is present even if they are out of the viewing range of the camera lens and the motion sensor.
Some variants have a microphone for sound detection and a speaker. This system offers two-way audio communication, allowing you to speak with and listen to whoever is present outside.

Video Storage
Recorded footage can be stored in multiple ways. Many companies offer free…
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