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How To Set Your Bedroom Up For Lucid Dreams: Complete Room Setup Tuto...

How To Set Your Bedroom Up For Lucid Dreams: Complete Room Setup Tuto… #Set #Bedroom #Lucid #Dreams #Complete #Room #Setup #Tuto

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Your bedroom is one of the easiest things you can CHANGE in order to have more lucid dreams. Simple things like the fragrance you wash your sheets with right up to regulating your sunrise with technology. Learn how to transform your bedroom into a lucid dreaming temple!




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What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid dreaming (sometimes called astral projection although they’re not quite the same) is the ability to become SELF AWARE in your dreams, meaning you can control them and experience whatever you want. You can live out your fantasies and be, do, see or feel ANYTHING.

There are also many benefits to lucid dreaming, such as improved sleep, more energy, more confidence, and more restorative sleep. Not to mention the fact you can become more CONSCIOUS, and experience the impossible!

I’m Stef, the guy behind HowToLucid, and I’m dedicated to helping you learn how to lucid dream. I’ve been lucid dreaming for over 8 years now and I have a passion for dreams, personal development and travel. Follow my journey, and…
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  1. Joe Phillips - September 2, 2020

    Thanks for the tips! I bought a sunrise alarm and got lucid last night. In the dream, I was walking around outside and noticed how brilliant the sun looked and remembered to be critical of my environment. This caused me to get lucid. When I woke up, i was roughly able to add up the time in my head to estimate that I got lucid around the time the light turned on!

  2. DustyDamsel - September 2, 2020

    It's interesting that you suggest to make the bed face the window. I say that because I think it goes against feng shui principles, and it seems that the same cultures that practice feng shui also have a history of lucid dreaming or dream states through meditation. I cold be remembering wrong.. What do you think?

  3. zdulcun - September 2, 2020

    What I've noticed, particularly whenever I hit a period of no spontaneous lucid dreams, is that when I just lay on the bed with my head on the other end, so where my feet usually are, I am more lucid during the night.
    So in other words, switching position every once in a while definitely helps.

  4. Yung Legxnd l 古伝 - September 2, 2020

    How To Get Lucid: Subliminals

  5. Endless_Synthwave - September 2, 2020

    The John Madden of lucid dreaming, I love it.

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