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1349$ ViewSonic X10-4KE 4K Projector, World's Quietest 20db $1699...

1349$ ViewSonic X10-4KE 4K Projector, World's Quietest 20db $1699… #ViewSonic #X104KE #Projector #World39s #Quietest #20db

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ViewSonic X10-4KE 4K Projector ($1349 at with 2,400 LED Lumens, 0.8 Throw Ratio projecting screen sizes up to 120”, in a portable design with loud integrated Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speakers, can be easily moved from room to room, Rec. 709 compatibility, Integrated smart Wi-Fi connectivity to stream and binge from content providers like Netflix and YouTube, while support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

ViewSonic X100-4K 4K Projector, 2,900 ANSI Lumens screen sizes up to 300”, 1.2-1.44 Throw Ratio, can be ceiling mounted in any living room or dedicated home theater, Rec. 709 compatibility, Integrated smart features for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Featuring built-in Harman Kardon speakers the projector runs at very low noise at only 20db.

ViewSonic M1 Mini is a compact 854 x 480 Projector ($169 at 120 LED (50 ANSI) Lumens, 1.2 Throw Ratio, pocket-sized ultra-portable LED projector that delivers big-screen entertainment in nearly any location with a built-in battery with power bank compatibility, measuring only 4” x 4”, swappable panels in three different colors – gray, yellow, and teal, integrated smart stand provides for flexible setup, while also doubling as a lens cover. A built-in JBL speaker, the USB reader port plays multimedia content from an external dongle.

ViewSonic M2 Full HD Projector ($649 at 1,200 LED Lumens, 1.23 Throw Ratio, ideal for business travelers on the go, the ViewSonic M2 portable Full HD LED projector delivers power and performance in a portable package. Compact and lightweight, the ViewSonic M2 can be carried from office-to-office, or slipped into a briefcase or backpack and taken on the road. For convenient presentations and content sharing, a wireless screen mirroring feature allows users to easily cast content from a mobile device to the projector. The M2 projector features a shorter throw lens that can display large images in small spaces, while its LED light source provides over 30,000 hours of usage time and 1,200 lumens of brightness an adjustable kickstand design delivers simple and quick setup for easy projection in nearly any environment. An integrated Micro SD card slot and USB Type-A reader port allow users to display documents, videos, and other multimedia without having to connect to a PC. And for fast data, audio, video, and charging over a single cable, there’s a USB Type-C port. For more immersive multimedia presentations, dual Harman Kardon speakers deliver room-filling sound to keep audiences engaged.

Filmed at CES 2020, watch all my CES 2020 videos in this…
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  1. Mattam Ramesh - September 13, 2020

    What is the difference between X10-4K vs X10-4KE? I searched in net, but couldnt find any information about this. In Amazon 4K Price shows lesser value than 4K3, but here it shows different.

  2. besi art - September 13, 2020

    Why is he so focused on speakers ? Projectors doesn’t need any fucken speakers. Put bluetooth in it and that’s it. All pj speakers sounds like crap. And those questions…man !

  3. latuya 2 - September 13, 2020

    Such of stupid questions from this guy wow🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. latuya 2 - September 13, 2020

    Is the camera guy an idiot?

  5. Fritz la chatte - September 13, 2020

    I haven´t noticed it in your video, standing somewhere around, but have they mentioned the X-1000 UST or ist it dead before it was released? The X-1000 just got an CES 2020 award, but I don´t know, if it says anything about the future of the product…:-)

  6. BirdManCinema - September 13, 2020

    No hdr on the x100?

  7. tenj00 - September 13, 2020

    8k dlp?? We do not even have a compact mass market real 4k chip yet. 8k dlp is thing of only dreams.

  8. Andrew Andrewich - September 13, 2020

    I would be glad if these are products projectors have embeded tv tuner rj connector with android os i know so it has wifi .

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