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Did Wyze Cam v2 And Wyze Cam Pan Works With Alexa and Google Assistan...

Did Wyze Cam v2 And Wyze Cam Pan Works With Alexa and Google Assistan… #Wyze #Cam #Wyze #Cam #Pan #Works #Alexa #Google #Assistan

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Wyze Cam v2 And Wyze Cam Pan Work With Alexa

wyze cam v2 and wyze cam now officially work with Alexa you can see live stream video on any Alexa device

that has a screen this includes your echo show echo spot fire tablets and fire TV because of a

hardware limitation the original wyze can does not work with Alexa I know

that’s a disappointment for some folks we’re really sorry about that but that

was one of the major reasons why we made wyze cam v2 we had to make a hardware upgrade in

order for v2 and pan to work with Alexa so to check whether you have an original

wyze cam or a v2 look at the sticker on the bottom of the camera

so here’s how to connect your wyze cam to an Amazon device .

step one :

is to make sure you have one or more cameras set up in your wyze account

using the wyze app hopefully you’re already familiar with setting up and

using wyze cam with your phone Alexa works with all-wyze cam v2 and

wyze cam and cameras that are connected to your wyze account including cameras

that other users share with you so given to your wyze account and just double

check that your cameras are on make sure you’ve got a good connection and to make

things easier for Alexa do a quick review of your camera names and make

sure they’re all simple easy to pronounce and unique so I have backyard

office crib studio and front porch you can tap the name of any camera to change

it and then just hit OK .

step two :

is to update the firmware on each of your wyze cams by tapping into each cameras livestream

in the wyze app it should automatically prompt you to update the firmware but if you accidentally hit cancel

hit the Settings gear icon hit device info check update and upgrade .

step three :

you’ll need to enable the wyze skill you can do this through

*Alexa app

* Alexa.

* or you can say “Alexa, enable wyze skill ”

we’re gonna do it through the Alexa app so jump into your Alexa app goto the menu and select

skills and games search for the wise skill select the skill and then hit enable skill

you’ll be prompted to enter your wise username and password to authorize Alexa to access your cameras

once you’ve done that select discover devices so the Alexa can find your cameras you can also

just say “Alexa discover my devices now” your cameras are set up with the Lexile

using the same name you gave them in the wyze app you’ll probably want the names to

be the same in the wyze app and the Alexa app but they don’t have to be the same

if you want to call your camera by a different name when using voice commands you can modify the camera

name in the Alexa app so just tap…
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