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LG Display 65'' Rollable OLED, 88'' 8K OLED, 8K Cryst...

LG Display 65'' Rollable OLED, 88'' 8K OLED, 8K Cryst… #Display #Rollable #OLED #OLED #Cryst

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LG Display shows latest OLED displays at SID DisplayWeek 2019, this booth features the new 65″ Rollable OLED that can fit inside the sound bar or furniture and be positionned in the middle of the room or in front of the window in the living room, the 88″ 8K OLED display, the latest 8K Crystal Sound OLED, which implements exciters to the super-slim OLED panel to generate localized crystal-clear sound directly from the display itself and The Rose featuring 4 65″ 4K OLED. Thanks to Conan for filming the second camera angle edited into this video filmed on Panasonic G85 on the DJI Ronin gimbal stabilizer. You can find out more information about OLED at an online community for OLED. Thanks to Conan for filming and providing the second camera angle giving an unprecedented view of how a Charbax Video is made. Here edited into this video, Conan filmed his camera angle using the Panasonic G85 on the DJI Ronin gimbal stabilizer.

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Filmed in 4K60 at SID Display Week 2019 with Panasonic G9 ($1131 at with 12-60mm Leica ($900 at all my G9 videos are added here:
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  1. jack jhonson - December 25, 2020

    This can't be real amazing

  2. 엘여화 - December 25, 2020

    화면에서 소리가 나온다고?? 와우

  3. NzN Tigerclaw - December 25, 2020

    Oled enter people’s life … u a funny joker mate.. not at those prices.

  4. NzN Tigerclaw - December 25, 2020

    Oled is not cheap sir

  5. NzN Tigerclaw - December 25, 2020

    High price on 65’ TV set ?? N 8k tv at 88’ is not cheap so that’s bad but short throw projectors is affordable n 120’ screen n now that’s osum.

  6. Freddie Mercury Bulsara - December 25, 2020

    LG is better than Samsung and Apple

  7. Sarı P - December 25, 2020

    Rollable burning screen?

  8. Kavitha Madhu - December 25, 2020

    It's available in moscow

  9. Creation XY - December 25, 2020

    Sound quality of this video is worst

  10. Pepe's bodega - December 25, 2020

    lol you actually have a lamp on ur head

  11. Dragonstone - December 25, 2020

    You could build a home planetarium with those flexible OLED panels. Imagine that! That would be freaking SICK!!

  12. Jay Holm - December 25, 2020

    It's the year 2019😒… I'm losing confidence that OLED will ever be a mass-market product 😒…

  13. OviS Ovidiu - December 25, 2020

    So stupid to exist a rollable TV for apartments

  14. Tenzin Choklang - December 25, 2020

    Cant wait to see someone take this a part

  15. WhatHappensIf TV - December 25, 2020

    Always this stupid OLED iam not understanding. All Oled screens have the burning problem some time. Especially the Samsung phones!
    Or am I wrong?

  16. TheBudgie29 - December 25, 2020

    A toy just for the very Rick In the UK. With everyone work just for the Rent and Bills no money left for anything like this. And that Is Pre Bexit.

  17. Edwin Calero - December 25, 2020

    Samsung tiene la tecnologia de pantallas oled modulares y gracias a esto podras crear el tamaño de pantalla que desees , me a parecido muy futuristico , creo que LG debera apuntar tambien a esa posibilidad, la idea es darle mas movilidad a nuestros dispositivos tecnologicos.

  18. Lok Tom - December 25, 2020

    How about 20K right after your purchase ?

  19. We Want Peace and Happiness - December 25, 2020

    love you LG

  20. Jei Jang - December 25, 2020

    I believe…. LG is the best company for display in the world.
    Do you guys know that? LG doesn't put the maximum number in the specification. They put a little bit of a lower number. Do you know why?
    Cos they don't want to let customers down.

  21. chris pomplun - December 25, 2020

    Is the 8k 3d ?

  22. Sigedno Kastaneer - December 25, 2020

    Humm? I always taught, using more material,more expensive, now using less material, over expensive!!!

  23. Jason Gooden - December 25, 2020

    Wheres my rollable phone.. oh yeah Samsung is working on it.

  24. Chunky Vlog - December 25, 2020

    Damn love lg but they gon make me buy a Samsung because of the price and no 75in 8k yet

  25. Кира Шульц - December 25, 2020


  26. Brandon Gamer - December 25, 2020

    Is it just me or anyone else thinking why in the fuck does the world need 70-80,000 dollar TVs?? By the way 4K and 8k no difference, why you think they never display them side by side?? That much money for a tv ha ha ha fucking ridiculous. So spent time talking about sound, are you telling me there is 70,000 dollars worth of speakers in the tv??

  27. Syamkumar CK - December 25, 2020

    😱 omg 8k tv its incredible 😳👌

  28. Battosai Himura88 - December 25, 2020

    No more "BURN IN" issues with the OLED?

  29. vacationboyvideos - December 25, 2020

    Lol stero sound. This is not 5.1 or atmos.

  30. Slave Holder - December 25, 2020

    Samsung 98” QLED 8K – $70 000
    LG 88” OLED 8K – $65 000

    Both are too expensive for me, maybe I’ll get one in 5 years.

  31. witia gry - December 25, 2020

    Tv 8k al programy w polsce full hd…..max

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