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Theta Token Parabolic BULL RUN to $5/$10/$510? THETA Price Prediction...

Theta Token Parabolic BULL RUN to $5/$10/$510? THETA Price Prediction… #Theta #Token #Parabolic #BULL #RUN #THETA #Price #Prediction

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Theta Token Parabolic BULL RUN to $0.1/$1/$10? THETA Price Prediction 2021 – Comment below your price predictions…

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  1. Rockstar Trading - December 27, 2020

    Theta Token Parabolic BULL RUN to $0.1/$1/$10? THETA Price Prediction 2021 – Comment below your price predictions…

    Rockstar Trading Group is the ultamate trading community for trader’s to work together to make consistent money from the market. I am available in the group 24/7 around the clock providing market updates, trade signals, answering any questions you may have, mentoring, technical analysis, educational content plus a bonus strategy video series (only available for a short period of time so join now). Become a Rockstar Trader and star making money today.

  2. D Wilson - December 27, 2020

    Theta Fuel to $100

  3. Lptinvestor - December 27, 2020

    Can anybody name any U.S. regulated exchanges where I can buy THETA token??

  4. ChapmanoTV - December 27, 2020

    Holy crap its breaking out

  5. ThetaNerd - December 27, 2020

    Even I your president has a bag oh Theta.
    I approve this cryptocurrency.

  6. marcel klein de groot - December 27, 2020

    Do you have any idea what theta is?

  7. slt thêta 25 euros bientôt

  8. Peter Eric - December 27, 2020

    Investment's like stock, forex and crypto has become very profitable and very good options in securing a better financial life that's where I belong and survive from.

  9. mehribon yurak - December 27, 2020

    Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

  10. Mohsen Valorant - December 27, 2020

    thetha to 0.50 soon

  11. Sharno Tam - December 27, 2020

    Theta daytrader be like :

    Ok so this token ..
    # Full supply is out, no more circulating on the market.
    # Smart contracts with ETH converter, making it ETH 3.0 basicly.
    # The biggest media giants are invested in it.
    # The network saves companies billions when implemented.
    # Gives media freedom, no one can censor what you say.
    # Theta tv allows content creators to create income withouth being reliant on ad revenue.
    # Can create passive income when staking.
    # Eco friendly.

    This sounds really valuable.. lets sell it for a dollar.

  12. Gyva02 - December 27, 2020

    Tfuel is next, grab your bags for the 100X (see you at the party afterwards) 🙂

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  38. jerry wannayacht - December 27, 2020

    Take your profit hahahaha. The rest of us will suck up every Theta you sell. This is a horribly uninformative video

  39. Willis Oneill - December 27, 2020

    Thanks very much for the informative content,keep up the good work!

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