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How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth). Watch out for the SET UP! Buying a Car, Truck, or SUV? Need advice? How Car Dealers Rip you Off (the truth) shares only the 4 Square, but’s there’s actually four elements in play during the sales process. #carbuying #usedcars #cars #newcar #money #carshopping #autotrader

The Homework Guy helps you understand how you get tricked into buying a car TODAY when you only planned on LOOKING. Here’s where you find the best automotive news and vehicle shopping assistance on the web! Kevin Hunter, author of “Don’t Say I’M PAYING CASH!” and many others, publishes another great video to help car buyers. This is where you learn how to buy a new or used car at the dealer and not get ripped off.
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How to buy a car from a dealer with cash, with no credit, with bad credit, with your own bank financing, or with dealer financing. You need to know how to buy a car from a dealership. In this series, you’ll get the best car buying tips anywhere. Car buyers wonder “How do I buy a car and not get ripped off?” Beating the finance man at the dealership is a big part of it. Kevin Hunter presents tips for beating the car dealership finance office.

Has the Dealer Finance Manager ever ripped you off? Car Dealers have a right to make a profit, but do they have a right to lie to you? Here are the “10 BEST Auto Finance tips” if you are buying a car! Want to know how you beat the Car Dealership Finance Man? This MUST WATCH video for Car Buyers is the advice you’ve been waiting for on how to survive the finance office at a car dealer. Kevin Hunter lays out the products, strategies, and tricks the finance officers pull every day on unsuspecting car buyers, and many of them get away with what they do. You don’t have to be one of the people they succeed in deceiving. Also check out Chevy Dude, How to Spot a dealership scam when shopping for a new…
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  1. Richard Martin - January 2, 2021

    Just say no

  2. Scott O,Donahoe - January 2, 2021

    No extended warranty . No added insurance . No add on,s ! Clean and clear out of the lot . Every thing they push on you can be bought cheaper else where !

  3. Olivia Avila - January 2, 2021

    Do you really have to pay for GAP

  4. Anthony C - January 2, 2021

    Are extended warranties ever appropriate to purchase, like on a certified preowned vehicle from say MB or BMW where the price of parts is through the roof and labor cost are $125/hr and up? One occurrence could possibly equal the price of the warranty. What would you suggest?

  5. Paul Connors - January 2, 2021

    Some questions: Doesn't the person who has their own financing pre-approved DEFEAT the finance office, especially if one doesn't buy all the extras? How about the skilled buyer who says NO to everything like rust proofing, paint protection, mud guards, pin striping, etc.

  6. KiraOnii Chan - January 2, 2021

    My FM was the worst, dude literally repeated the same questions over and over and I told him "NO" every single time, we made the deal but you could tell he was annoyed lol

  7. mike pen - January 2, 2021

    7:52 that's a lush girl!

  8. LOZUPONEJ - January 2, 2021

    Be confident and respectful. Don’t show emotion. Salesman feed off of indecision. Don’t be cocky or rude. Having a plan and researching before you walk into a dealer will save you money. Know answers to questions you may have before you walk into the dealer. It takes research and planning to save money. Stick to your game plan. You can walk away at anytime. Know your credit beforehand too. Such great information out there today like this channel to help you get a fair deal

  9. Doc Morton - January 2, 2021

    I have been a car salesman and did not like the top down pressure. It’s a ‘car guy’ thing and it pervades the entire dealership. I would like everyone who is exasperated, exhausted, or extraordinarily worn out with the new car buying process rethink and take a look at Kevin’s vid on CarMax, Carvanna etc. Kevin’s view on trade-ins and used car values was an eye opener. I prefer a used car from Carvanna as they price fairly well, deliver, and with their one week return policy you can have the car inspected by your favorite repair shop. If it fails to satisfy … return it. There is potentially a delivery fee, which you will always pay on a new car, and basic TTT. No additional or hidden fees. Check out Kevin’s videos!

  10. Alfredo Tinoco - January 2, 2021

    Excellent advise. Just bought a minivan and the interaction with the finance manager bordered on really uncomfortable after telling him numerous times that I would not buy any extended warranty.
    Ended up not buying any of it but it did take a rather long time and even an additional conversation with his manager…I guess he was under a lot of pressure as I had already negotiated aggressively on the price…

  11. PNW RC - January 2, 2021

    I got hosed the first time I bought a car from a dealership! When I'm ready to buy another vehicle, since I've been watching this channel, I know that WON'T happen this time!

  12. Daniel M. - January 2, 2021

    Good video! On the recent new Ram truck I bought the finance guy wasn’t selling me anything and just went over paperwork that I was careful looking over before signing to make sure the numbers were right, took 5 minutes! However the previous Honda I bought was worse than this sample, he was using fear tactics and my mom who was with me tried convincing me to sign on to do the extra warranty coverage and I said NO because it was $200 a month extra for 60 months! Then after I said no twice and didn’t purchase anything extra she realized the finance officer was trying to scam!

  13. Jim David - January 2, 2021

    Expert F&I folks size me up by looking at the deal before they even meet me. Then, they dont try to sell me any extras and get me out quickly, hoping to make money on the next one in the door, not wasting my time or his.

  14. Ghost Tiger - January 2, 2021

    I sold cars for several years starting at my uncles used dealership, mostly no BS because he sent people to the bank or let them use his phone. He felt finance was too personal and knew the greedy tricks. Price, sure they had to negotiate & he pushed aftermarket warranty crap that was 50% higher or more than what people could over the counter if the searched for it. But this was in the 1990's before the internet took off. Used dealers have a different bag of tricks plus the car itself is subject to wearing out. He took some cars the new dealers didn't want on their lots along with ones they didn't want to lose but package deals mean you get some lesser dependable cars along with the shiny better used cars. 90 day warranty for free & screwed aka paid for more time. You should do more on used dealers, especially the ones who smile too much and know the cars history but it sounds like their selling a vacationers special.

  15. Jerry Landi - January 2, 2021

    I'm not sure how you can say that extended warranties aren't needed. If someone is keeping the vehicle for 7 years and drives 12000 miles per year aren't they in jeopardy of being without coverage?? Doesn't it cost more money to buy a warranty when the manufacturers has expired? What you are putting out there is very irresponsible. Extended Warranties are a way for the person to be protected for the duration of ownership. There are some products offered that are garbage but Extended Warranties truly do what they say they do. There are good dealers and Finance Managers out there.

  16. lisa ljc - January 2, 2021

    Awesome! 😎

  17. Jack Hole - January 2, 2021

    Great videos full of excellent information. This is my situation; I've completed my vehicle research and ready to purchase. I have a guaranteed check draft from my bank, so no need to talk with the Finance Manager. My vehicle should be in the $80,000.00 range. I'm retired, so I am willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the US for the best deal, although I would prefer to support my local market. What should be my approach with the salesperson ? Thanks very much and please continue the great work !!!!!!

  18. The Tinker Wins Prods - January 2, 2021

    Thank you again Kevin. As usual, YOU CRUSHED IT.

  19. Jeff Burton - January 2, 2021

    wordtracks… brr-rr!

  20. Charles Page - January 2, 2021

    What can I do about this? Last week I went to look at cars and the dealer used KBB to estimate my trade in value. Then today i went to another dealer and they did same.
    Here is where the problem comes in. Last weeks offer was $15,000 and today the other dealer did something that made my car come back at $6,800.
    I have a 2016 Ford F-150. It was a work truck so many scratches and such, but runs like the day I bought it. Have kept up with the maintenance since day one.
    Is there some thing other I can do besides not go back to this dealer? I guess I am wondering if what they placed into KBB will come back to haunt me? ANy help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

  21. Kyle Eisenhauer - January 2, 2021

    Thank you for your informative and helpful videos. I'll be buying a vehicle within the next year and you have given me a lot of useful information, thank you.

  22. jrherrmann8 - January 2, 2021

    This is great advice but without fully analyzing a contract and warranty coverage, are you suggesting the default should always be to decline the extended warranty? Or are there cases where the manufacturers warranty really is not adequate and leaves room for an extended warranty? What is the reason why an extended warranty is not a good choice?

  23. DeltaCo7175 - January 2, 2021

    not only did the finance dept try to sell us the extended warranty on a used car they also tried to sell us the coverage for the interior and paint protection which had already been applied to the car, when we asked for the paperwork for that policy they refused to give it to us unless we paid for it ! they also jammed us with a set of wheel locks to the tune of $140 which we didnt ask for when i said i could buy them at the local parts store for $30 i was told i couldnt install them myself !?!? REALLY ?

  24. swotrucker - January 2, 2021

    Do you have any Videos on Non Commission Car sales? My Newest Local Subaru Dealer is Non Commission. In fact the salesman told me it doesn't matter to him if i buy a car or not. What's the catch? 😂😂

  25. Adam Montgomery - January 2, 2021

    Explained it perfectly; customers are like white belt in marital arts, going against a 9th degree black belt . Rather customers have a superior credit score or they're paying cash which makes them feel that they have the upper hand, they don't. All dealers operate the same "get money". And go complain to the owner 🤣 ya right. Kevin, you spent time in the car biz? Because your videos are spot on.

  26. Will Mason - January 2, 2021

    As soon as I sit down in the finance office my first line is " you will not upsell anything to me. My financing amount will not exceed what I agreed with from the salesman." it will totally throw them off their game. I never pay more than what I agreed with the salesman on. Including extra fees as those are mentioned as being all included in my original offer. A firm rejection is very important. Don't worry about being rude. Their attempts to steal money are rude.

  27. C Ellis - January 2, 2021

    isnt it bizarre that cars are the only consumer product sold this way.

  28. Slava P - January 2, 2021

    I can't believe people fall for this, the more he talked the less I wanted what he was selling lol.

  29. hogberry - January 2, 2021

    I would want to know why I should buy a car that was so unreliable that it requires a second warranty in addition to the factory warranty

  30. Stephen Hughes - January 2, 2021

    This is also illegal in Europe. All cars have at least 6 year warranty by EU law.

  31. Stephen Hughes - January 2, 2021

    I just listen then walk out. I’ll walk out several times. Then hit them with my terms cash. Plus red ink thru all their charges. I even ask for half of the commission back or walk out again. I get my way or don’t buy.

  32. Dave Depilot - January 2, 2021

    I have leased Toyota SUV's every 3 years since 2006, and only met the finance guy twice, but I have never agreed to any extras. And the last few times, they didn't even mention any warranties, or the like,

    My latest lease was 8 days ago, got a 2021 Highlander. I negotiated the deal over email. I told them when I would be coming in, and that I will be in a hurry, so they need to have everything ready. Bottom line… I went into the dealership at 10:15am, and drove home in my new car at 11:00. No messing around. Never even asked me about any extras, other than having me sign a paper that I was aware that all those products are optional.

  33. Christopher Moritz - January 2, 2021

    Man Kevin that was hard to watch. I would have lost it as soon as he offered the warranty to me the first time. I purchase vehicles with only the add ons I had in mind before stepping into a dealership. No more than that unless they are giving them away for free.

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