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How My Education And IQ Led to The Best Dating System in The World

How My Education And IQ Led to The Best Dating System in The World #Education #Led #Dating #System #World

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  1. movement2contact - January 4, 2021

    I got to this video form results` page for a search "real life synths biology", LUL…

    Oh, nvm, now I got to the part which explains such result…

    Now I have another question though: why would anyone so intelligent pursue THOUSANDS of women for sex..? Isn't that an addiction which leads to depression..?

  2. Glassfiction - January 4, 2021

    I believe evil stiffer (James crisp) also has a lay count of around 1500. This was confirmed by Jeffy. Quite a few 1000+ laycount guys in the community, just very rare and they keep a low profile

  3. Christy Powell - January 4, 2021

    So funny!

  4. Vee Suvious - January 4, 2021

    Hey john I bought the leads machine standard package and I'm loving it. Is there a way to upgrade my package and pay the difference? Or do I have to order the whole package again.

    I also sent you a couple emails please excuse me if they were a pester but I needed the upgrade for an online lead I was close to closing. Yes. THIS WORKS GUYS. I used it once and instantly felt a difference in my results.

    Thanks John you're the man! You may very well be the biggest player in history. Although I'm not sure anyone can keep up with kings and tyrants of old, like genghis khan. He closed so many sets 0.5% of men today are his progeny.

  5. R ThEgle - January 4, 2021

    You're kinda like Dan Bilzerian 😅 or more successful

  6. Ahmed Monsoon - January 4, 2021

    So I get that you’ve optimized game. But do you think gaming is the optimal way to meet women? How about rich people who get agencies to recruit models… celebrity parties and yachts and shit? You think game holds up to those methods? Thank you.

  7. Axel Hart - January 4, 2021

    OK, here is your challenge : how to find attractive, available women in Germany (daygame or online dating). Just for comparison, Brazil is EASY. I got 1240 matches with attractive women on Tinder swiping in Sao Paulo in one month. No problem to work a funnel. In Munich, where I live, I had no match in 18 months. I also have a high IQ, but that problem I failed to solve.

  8. ll - January 4, 2021

    Start a webcam company with your harem like cobratate / ofwudan and his brother LivesTalisman

  9. WonderfulWorldofMarkets - January 4, 2021

    John you really got screwed you weren't on youtube back when YT used to heavily promote RSD. You would've killed it with your content and taken over the space. Now that youtube shadowbans or actually bans all PUA content your views are seriously hurt. It's honestly a travesty you only have 11.4k subs at this point.

  10. Learn Female Nature - January 4, 2021

    I resonate with your message John. Took 5 Philosophy classes in college and completely changed my life. Feel bad for people that will never study something like philosophy

  11. Calm Remote Page - January 4, 2021

    What objective measure can you use to demonstrate that your dating system is better for its customers than another competitive dating system? The instructor's laycount isn't evidence that a potential customer will get more value from a product. Selected customer testimonials aren't really evidence unless competitors can't produce testimonials. Average customer improvement would be objective evidence but nobody is able to measure and reliably report that.

  12. 3D Mondkapje Hulpstuk - January 4, 2021

    Since I watched some of your videos on text game: 3 newest matches on tinder got me 2 numbers and a date straight to the house. This guy is the sh*t, thanks for all the value you put out. Much respect brother.

  13. Mark Soberay - January 4, 2021

    You should have become a doctor, it's hard work but my buddy bangs about 200 nurses a year, often in the stairway!

  14. anie olskiMari - January 4, 2021

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  15. seth savage - January 4, 2021

    How old were you in that picture?

  16. edd767 - January 4, 2021

    You sometimes mention chess, what's your ELO?

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